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Dream Overseas Consultant IS AN IMMIGRATION AND VISA CONSULTATION COMPANY. A statutory and compliance consultation house, our aim is to help our external partners achieve their dreams of settling and completing higher studies and Permanent Residency from countries like USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand Path creation to achieve the desired Dreams can be one of the most difficult things to do in life. At Dream Overseas Consultant, even the most critical vision are made easier for you.

At Dream Overseas consultant , our utmost priority is to design and knit your future plans with a seamless approach in the correct direction towards the immigration process. Each student, each case and each day is an opportunity for us to build our Brand and create visibility. We help in sharing value services in Pre and Post processing so that you get the proper hand holding in this critical time. After all those long years of hard work for a justify future it’s our chance to strive towards helping you fulfilling your ambitions. All you need to do now is come to us so that we can serve you by providing the best counseling and guidance to help you choose a dream career.

Dream Overseas consultant is a path towards your dream destination. We endeavor to shape your future abroad. With us you are in safe hands, as we take care of everything from application, admission to visa. You just need to follow your dreams. Our services are considered the best in immigration industry to keep the tag of being an ethical and genuine company providing professional services to the satisfaction of our committed customers. Our highly skilled, trained, qualified and experienced staff makes the visit memorable and the confidence is instilled in students who wish to pursue higher education abroad. At Dream Overseas Consultant, unbiased approach towards any university makes the free counseling sessions more valuable and the student can head for a justify, prosperous future. Our core competence is visa documentation and expertise in Study Visa. We process the highest number of education cases in India. These thousands of case studies have given us the experience and expertise to handle any type of case. What our clients are comfortable with is the trust of our brand and the transparency of our process which is backed by a proper legal agreement. We hold your information which you submit to us in great trust. Whether you are a consumer client looking for an overseas career; a corporate or a university - talk to Dream Overseas Consultant. You are talking to the country’s best. We promise you that. Talk to us today! Clients enjoy a good rapport with our competent, knowledgeable and experienced consultants who offer high quality and life changing career counseling for free.

Why Us:

We believe that the people are the focal point of any immigration process. In this age of distrust and safety concerns, it is easy to get distracted by complications of immigration laws and shift focus from the most important subject in the entire process- the people. Dream Overseas Consultant recognizes that ‘the people’ are the most significant aspect of every immigration process.

Professionals in immigration consultant careers also use time management skills to coordinate communication with clients who are in different time zones. For example, you may be required to schedule meetings over the phone and if your client is in another country, you’ll have to find a time that works for both of you.

Application Processing
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We process the applications as soon as we can. Its depend on whether you have provided all the documents we need and the type of visa you apply for.

Pre Landing Services
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We provide basic information Guidance about the destination Country. Assist them in preparing Resume

Client Assistence
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The purpose of the client Assistence Program is to Advice and Inform applicants and individuals eligible for services.

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